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More of the Benefits of Barter

On our Home Page you've already seen three of the most important ways barter through EE can benefit your business:

  • 1. Increase Sales.  Do you want more business?  We refer it to you--customers you might never find otherwise.
  • 2. Conserve Cash.  Why pay cash when you can trade for what you want?  Save your cash by trading for your business or personal expenses.
  • 3. Increase Profits.  Barter increases your competitive edge by helping you move your excess production or business capacity through trade sales while reducing your operating costs paid in cash.

Here are More:


  • 4. Increase Market Share. When accepting barter business, not only do you increase sales, but you take the sale away from your competitors.
  • 5. Move Excess Inventory & Fill Idle Production Time.  Every business owner struggles with the dilemma of what to do with extra inventory or idle production time.  When you join The Exchange, barter provides a tool to put that excess to use in profitable ways.  We do this by matching your product or service with Exchange members looking to purchase them on trade.
  • 6. Collect Slow Receivables.  When a cash buyer has consistently caused a collection problem for you, offer barter as a method of payment - there are no receivables in barter transactions - payment is immediate.
  • 7. Regain Lost Accounts.  By accepting goods as payment and reselling them through The Exchange, you can capture elusive accounts and convert those sales to Exchange Trade Dollars to use as you like.
  • 8. Generate Referrals.  The more you barter means the more people talk about your business and refer new potential cash customers to you.  Barter is an excellent networking tool.
  • 9. Expand Your Advertising.  Bartering for your advertising, public relations and marketing communications will bring in new cash customers.  You'll be more visible while your competitors avoid advertising because they have to pay cash for it.
  • 10. Reduce the Cost of Borrowing. Rather than paying cash interest on working capital or capital expenditure loans, The Exchange can extend you a credit line against your future barter sales.
  • 11. Enhance Employee Benefits.  Secure employee loyalty and productivity by bartering for medical or dental services, vehicle repair, and other incentives for your employees.
  • 12. Improve Your Quality of Life.  For yourself, your family, your employees.  Many EE members find barter enables them to afford luxuries they might not otherwise choose to pay cash for: restaurants, vacations, gifts... Barter helps you treat yourself and those you care for.

...12 Great Reasons to Barter Through Exchange Enterprises