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Welcome to Barter

Welcome to Exchange Enterprises, Ltd.  Established in 1983 and known informally as "The Exchange" or "EE", we are Connecticut's longest continuously operated barter or trade exchange.  Since our founding, we have helped our clients and their businesses in many ways:

If you own or operate a business, barter can bring you many benefits.  Here are three of the most important:

3 Big Benefits

Increase sales. Do you want more business?  We refer it to you--customers you might never find otherwise
Conserve cash. Why pay cash when you can trade for what you want?  Save your cash by trading for your business or personal expenses.
Increase profits. Barter increases your competitive edge by helping you move your excess production or business capacity through trade sales while reducing your operating costs paid in cash.


There are many More Benefits of barter. Not only is it financially beneficial, it can be fun too! Contact the Exchange.

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